Saturday, 9 May 2015

My Hobby is a Temple

Why do this? Spend days creating a dream temple and its surroundings within a computer game.

It could be the urge to communicate.

Yeah, but why don't you just use language and write or say something? And, like, with who?

What is language but an exchange of structured noises with assumed meanings? [I've been watching some Inception and Wittgenstein] An interactive map is no different. Both require we dig deep into our mental toybox to express and understand. As we negotiate with another, so we negotiate with ourselves. The notion that the written or spoken word is more valid or effective is simply an assumption.

After all, a picture paints a thousand words. What more a space in which you could take a thousand pictures?
I challenge words to communicate as efficiently:
  • The same tranquility;
  • The theme of integrating tradition and modernity
  • The novelty of using a post-modern medium (video games) to transform post-colonial elements (the Source SDK textures and models) into Asian scenes.
Also, building a shrine and a modernist building, complete with smashable glass, dust motes, swaying ropes, and a working bell in a computer game is awesome.

Anyway, take a walk with me through is BanGenKei 1 of 12: Teikoku Jinja.

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