Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Birds of a Feather Fight Together

Similarity, not difference, breeds conflict.

When we came to Australia in the 1980s my parents remarked upon how cheap certain cuts of meat were at the butchers'. 'White' Aussies didn't eat the fatty belly pork prized by south-east Asians, so we gorged on it at bargain prices.


They also didn't eat squid, to the delight of Greek and Italian immigrants who scooped up prime calamari at the cost of bait.


Monday, 31 August 2020

Know What Matters

Don't sweat the big stuff.

Like a lot of people right about now, I got drawn into some tribal debates. COVID-19, Racial Justice, Climate Change. Fun stuff. Lots of heat and noise.

Maybe it's one of my mental patterns, but they leave me feeling like I'm the only one out there holding up a cocktail umbrella to a tsunami of reasoning. I don't intend to denigrate my opponents. A lot of what they say is logical, if often cherry-picked, one-sided, and beside the point. There's just ... a lot.

I like to think that I do research not just to confirm my views but to expand them. To aid this I don't just do broad topic searches, but try to think laterally from the topic, then type specific theories into the search box. One thought I came up with was:

"Who cares?"

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Post-COVID Volatility

It could go both ways.

Right now there's uncertainty in employment, globalisation, inflation, and real estate. Pre-COVID trends could accelerate, resume, or recover. They could even reverse.

A few examples of what I'm thinking about: