Saturday, 30 May 2015

Breaking Baba

When you are locked in a genteel Straits shophouse - the kind of heritage building you may find in Penang, Melaka, or Singapore - why not trash it with a gravity gun?

I prefer to think of an art piece as the start of a dialogue rather than a one-off statement, but the silence - especially from family members - is deafening. You would think they would jump to empathise with the tingle of taboo as a senonoh house - like those we grew up in - is upended, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

It's not as bleak as it seems. After two weeks of building this shophouse and its story pixel by pixel, I have two special bonds with it; creator-created and art-beholder. That is enough acknowledgement for me.

Interactivity is its own dialogue, and there's no conversation quite like jamming antique furniture into a ceiling fan until it shatters into wooden debris. Totally worth it.

If you have Half Life 2 Episode 2, drop me a line and I'll share the map with you.

BanGenKei 2 of 12 - Peranakan Shophouse.

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