Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Izakaya at the End of the Universe

Q: How do we improve a metaphor for eternal transience which attempts to blend the swastika, seasons, and the floating-world ambiance of a high-end Izakaya?
A: Shotguns. Duh.
The world is full of creations which fall short of expectations. I would have liked civilian NPCs and more intelligent AI. I would have liked it to be more Ghost in The Shell. But I chose to spend the time tweaking dimensions and weather effects. Having limitations, like a deadline, focuses us on what elements are important. Were intended elements wasted for never being realised? Better, I think, to wrap then ship, than delay or abandon. Creations - including their missing features - often go beyond our vision, sometimes expose emergent symbolism, and thus exceed our expectations.
BanGenKei 4 of 12. A shotgun for all seasons. Shottie-hōdai.

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