Friday, 14 February 2014

Insufficient Storage Available - Android Error

When updating or installing an app through Google Play Store, an "Insufficient Storage Available" error is displayed ands the app is prevented from installing.

Diagnosis: the installer is unable to write to a location. It is either a permissions problem, or a storage space issue.

System: Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000, CyanogenMod 10.1.1-galaxysmtd, Android 4.2.2

Attempted fixes that did not work:
  • In ClockworkMod, run 'Fix Permissions'.
  • Clear App caches and Play store cache in 'Manage Apps'.
  • Clear cache with cache clearing app (ES Task Manager).
  • Uninstall/reinstall app.
  • Clean /data/log folder through Terminal Emulator and File Manager - mine was empty.
  • Remove SD Card - Discovered that my SD card was reporting incorrect free space. Formatting the SD card has fixed other problems, but not this one.
  • In Recovery Bootloader, fix permissions, wipe cache, and wipe Dalvik cache.

Further diagnosis in Terminal Emulator:
su (you will be prompted to enable superuser. Do.)
cd /data
du -Hd 1
This will show you which directories are taking the most space. Most appeared fine, as I had cleared my phone extensively beforehand, but the 'app-lib' folder seemed to be inordinately large. The overall disk usage had indeed reached its maximum. It was a storage space issue.

Fix that did work: this fix. (This requires running programs as superuser, i.e. a rooted phone.)
  1. Using a file manager, traverse to /data/app-lib.
  2. Find the folder that corresponds with the app you are having problems updating/installing. For example, Google Drive will correspond with If you have uninstalled and installed several times, there may be a similar folder ending in '-2'.
  3. Delete all folders corresponding to the app.
  4. Attempt to update/install in Play Store.

Good luck!
Note: the '/data/app-lib' folder appears to be a new addition to Android 4.2.2 by Google.

Update: Upgrading to a newer version of Cyanogenmod seems to have eliminated the issue.

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